oil adsorbent

Product introduction

Kakui Oilsolver®

Kakui Oilsolver® Y-2550/Y-4050
-Compatible with ISO 9001-

How to use it in the oil-water separation tank

Floating on top of waste oil, it can be replaced if the color of the product changes
After use, please dispose of it with combustible garbage.
❶ Please remove the scum before starting to use.
❷ Please place Y-2550/Y-4050 on the B side and C side. Please put two layers on the C side. (The product is cut with scissors)
❸ If the surface of the product is also dyed, it is in a saturated state, please replace it
❹ Please change every day
❺ Please calculate the number of sheets put into the oil-water separation tank based on the amount of oil
❻ Please dispose of the used product with garbage.

Attention in use

  • Flammable, no fire
  • In the oil-water separation tank, when surfactants (detergents), cleaning agents, and oxidants flow in, it may cause sedimentation and dissolution of oil-absorbing cotton.
  • When using strong alkaline, strong acid detergent and disinfectant Please take out the absorbent cotton first, rinse it with water before putting it in.


  • Grease trap
  • Grease trap, water collector, etc.


  • Food processing shop, restaurant
  • Factory with drainage ditch
Y-2550 Y-4050
Usage Used for adsorption of waste oil in kitchen drainage (mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil)
Geometry Sheet type
material Mainly plant-based natural fiber
Size(cm) 25×50×(thickness)0.4 40×50×(thickness)0.4
Wight About25g/sheets About40g/sheets
Number of sheets per box 60sheets
wight per box About1.5kg About2.4kg
Adsorbing capacity per sheet About0.8L About1.46L
Adsorbing capacity per box (L) About54L/box About88L/box
lead time ~ About 1 week