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Creating Affluence and Comfort

We are happy that we celebrates the 140th anniversary in business.
Leveraging the knowledge we have acquired to date,
we make safe and comfortable products.


Aiming to become the market leader in the cotton products!

Kakui products are manufactured under a strict quality control system.
Kakui continues to deliver quality that will not abuse customers’ trust.

Kakui have put our efforts to more stable quality by purchasing a wide variety of rigorously selected cotton from all over the world.
Kakui has, while taking advantages of “know-how on cotton” accumulated for long years since its foundation, developed absorbent cottons which fit their usage.

The only manufacturing process in the world that maintains uniform quality by degreasing/bleaching belt-like raw cotton. The fiber features less damage and soft texture by retaining slight amount of oily ingredients, taking advantages of the tenderness that cotton naturally has, natural and lithe texture is realized.

The principal reason for Kakui cotton puffs being chosen by our customers is their “softness”.
The oldest spinning machines in Japan

The permanent theme of “Creating Affluence and Comfort”

Kakui has, since its foundation in 1881, steadily continued its business related to cotton, under the permanent theme of “Creating Affluence and Comfort”.
In 1898, spinning machines which had belonged to Shimadzu clan (governor) were surplused to Kakui, and cotton milling operations by Western-style mechanization started for the first time in Japan. After WWII, the Company introduced state-of-the-art cotton milling machines in short bursts, thereby consolidating its basis as the best in Japan in terms of both quality and quantity.
In 1967, responding to the changes of times by technology/product development, the Company successfully developed a continuous refining/bleaching machine, and in 1989, the Company further succeeded to commercialize “Kakui Oilsolver®”, a high performance oil adsorbent, and now continues to develop products specialized in natural fibers.