About Cellobiose

It is a disaccharide formed from two units of glucose joined with a β-1,4 bond.It is known to be slightly present in pine needles and corncobs.It cannot be digested and absorbed in the human body.


It has been reported that cellobiose has the effect of lowering cholesterol and neutral fat, and improving the effect of sugar metabolism.

Product Material

Kakui successfully extracted cellobiose from cotton fiber containing a large amount of cellobiose.

The effect of cellobiose

After being eaten, it will not be digested and can reach the large intestine. Beneficial bacteria feed on cellobiose and multiply. These bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids. There are many advantages of short-chain fatty acids, one of which is to enhance the production of IgA and improve immunity.

(2011) “綿花由来セロビオース摂取による腸内細菌改善効果の検証試験” Journal of New Remedies & Clinics, 60,1251.

Published the research results of cellobiose having the effect on lowering cholesterol and neutral fat, and improving the effect on glucose metabolism.
Journal of New Remedies & Clinics


We obtained a patent for use as an “anti-tumor agent” in 2015.
Patent certificate

The provision of cellobiose

・Liquid with a content of about 5%
・30% powder(for the effect of the finished product, diluted with dextrin)

Examples of cellobiose use

In order to make it easier to consume cellobiose, our company has developed the jelly “若美王(wakabio )”. It will improve the health of the body if it is continuously taken in the amount of 1 sachet a day. Please feel free to contact us with questions about orders or products.