Privacy Policy

This website presents business activities and other aspects of KAKUI CO., LTD. (“the Company”).
Privacy Policy: The Company shall promote protection of personal information by stipulating its own privacy policy as described below, building up its mechanism to protect personal information, and having its all employees thoroughly recognize the importance of and address personal information protection

Control of Personal Information

In order to keep personal information accurate and updated and prevent its unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage etc., the Company shall take necessary measures such as maintenance of security system, improvement in control scheme and thorough implementation of employee education, carry out safety measures, and strictly control personal information.

Utilization Purpose of Personal Information

This website may, when receiving inquiries, ask any customers to register his/her personal information including name, e-mail address, phone number and any other information. However, such personal information shall not be used for any other purposes than those originally intended.
Personal information provided by customers shall be used for sending e-mails and information materials, including notification, business information, and answer to question from the Company.

Prohibition of Disclosure/Provision of Personal Information to Third Party

The Company shall appropriately control personal information received from a customer and not disclose such personal information to any third party except in cases as listed below:
  1. The customer has agreed to such disclosure;
  2. information to its outsourcing company for the purpose of providing any services which the customer desires; or
  3. Such disclosure is required pursuant to any laws and regulations.

Measures for Securing Personal Information

The Company has taken every possible security measure to ensure accuracy and safety of personal information.

Referral by Customer

If a customer requests to make a referral about, modify and/or delete his/her personal information, the Company shall respond accordingly upon identifying him/her.

Compliance and Revision of Laws/Regulations/Norms

The Company shall comply with Japanese laws and regulations as well as other norms applicable to any personal information it possesses, and in addition, seek to review and improve the content of this Policy as appropriate.