oil adsorbent

Product introduction

Kakui Oilsolver®

Kakui Oilsolver®LX-40
-Absorb various waste liquids-

Features of LX-40

  • A waste oil filter material that can remove oil and solid substances mixed in waste water and coolant.
  • While absorbing the oil in the wastewater, it further removes solidified animal fats such as lard
  • Placed in coolant tanks such as machine tools and lathes, it can also absorb mixed oil and remove iron filings and other impurities


  • Drainage occasions in factories, restaurants, hotels, hospital kitchens, food factories, etc. that use oil
  • Set up LX-40 on the wire mesh and place it in the middle of the drain


  • Wire baskets installed in coolant tanks such as machine tools and lathes
  • Set up on the kitchen waste recycling box to collect leftovers and other residues and grease
usage Filtration·Oil-water separation tank·Coolant tank·Drainage ditch
Geometry filter sheet
material The main body of the plant system is natural (the outside is the net)
size(cm) 50
wight 0.3g
Number of sheets per box 100 sheets
wight of per box 3
Adsorbing capacity per sheet (L) 0.73
Adsorbing capacity per box (L) about 73L
lead time ~about 1 week