oil adsorbent

Product introduction

Kakui Oilsolver®

Kakui Oilsolver®KTC-200

Features of KTC-200

  • It can surround and absorb the oil leakage of the equipment, and the tubular shape can save space
  • Adsorption of water-soluble chemicals, melt, cooling water, cutting fluid, grinding fluid, oil, etc.
  • Since it is tubular, it can be installed in the leakage of the gap, etc.


  • Installed around machine tools and various machines


  • Prevent the spread of oil leakage around various machinery
usage Machine circumference / oil diffusion prevention
Geometry tube
material Mainly plant-based natural fiber(outside non-woven fabric)
size(cm) 120
wight 4
Number of tube per box 20 tube
wight per box 200g
Number of sheets per box 4.4
Adsorbing capacity per sheet 88L
lead time ~ About 1 week