oil adsorbent

Product introduction

Kakui Oilsolver®

Kakui Oilsolver®KP-4050A/KP-65A
-KP series that is not easy to fluff and strengthen the strength-

Features of KP-4050A/KP-65A

  • KP series that is not easy to fluff and strengthen the strength
  • Improved strength through compression processing
  • Universal flake products
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can deal with various oil products
  • ISO9001 acquired


  • Because of the enhanced strength, it is suitable for use as a floor mat
  • Wipe around various machines
  • Spread under the oil tank
  • Absorb the slick on the water
  • Absorb the oil leakage from the road and floor


  • Various machinery factories (presses, molds, etc.)
  • Petroleum related factories
  • Repair/dismantling factory, boiler room
  • Ship Relations/River Harbor
KP4050A KP-65A
Usage Oil slick, oil spill, oil-water separation tank (mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil)
Geometry Sheet type
material Mainly plant-based natural fiber
Size(cm) 40×50×(Thickness)0.4 65×65×(Thickness)0.4
Weight About52g/sheets About 110g/sheets
Number of sheets per box 100 sheets
weight per box About5.2kg About11kg
Adsorbing capacity per sheet (L) About 1.02L About 2.15L
Adsorbing capacity per box (L) About 101.7L/box About 215L/box
lead time ~ About 1 week