oil adsorbent

Product introduction

Kakui Oilsolver®

Kakui Oilsolver®A-40
-Absorb various waste liquids-

Features of A-40

  • Can absorb oil, water-soluble waste liquid, organic solvents, etc.
  • Also absorbs water-soluble drugs, acid/alkaline solutions
  • Absorb all kinds of waste liquid
  • Multi-function type


  • Adsorption of water-soluble cutting oil, recovery of liquid mixed in water (together with water recovery)
  • Responding to the daily leakage of various liquids, storage products in emergency situations


  • Various research institutes, painting factories, ISO certification offices
  • Pharmaceutical factories, around processing centers, gilding processing plants, etc.
usage Cutting machinery, etc., oil and water mixed liquid adsorbent (acid, lye, various oils)
Geometry sheets
material Mainly plant-based natural fiber
size(cm) 40×50×(Thickness)0.4
wight about 30g
Number of sheets per box 100 sheets
wight per box about 3kg
Adsorbing capacity per sheet (L) about 0.89L
Adsorbing capacity per box (L) about 80L/box
lead time ~about 1 week
Precautions when recycling After sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide are adsorbed, please recover them quickly.