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Product introduction


moist MASTER: Water-absorbent integrated type (V/TOP)
-Integrated dressing/ protection material with absorbent lamina and dew proofing lamina that does not easily stick onto wound site --moist MASTER: Water-absorbent integrated type (V/TOP)

Features of [moist MASTER] series

  • This product tenderly protects wounds by preventing wounds from drying and from adhering to this product due to formation of scab.
  • It does not easily adhere to wounds, so pain can be relieved when changing to new one.
  • The structure absorbs excessive exudates from wounds, preventing skin troubles such as becoming “stuffy”, “wrinkly” and “rash” beyond wound site.
  • Thin and soft material fits to various skin geometries and does not exert compression on wound site.
  • Very economic as it can be cut freely as necessary according to shape/size of wound site.

Usage example

This product is effective for moist healing therapy.
  • Abrasions, skin damages, heat injuries, bedsores: Plastic surgery, Orthopedic
  • Suture wound accompanying crush wound, infectious impetigo, infantile eczema: Dermatologic, Pediatric
  • Contact dermatitis, zosteriform blister, PEG entrance, tracheostomy site, bin insertion site of external fixation device: Surgery, Orthopedic
(General medical device: Covering/protection for heat injury, Covering/protection for surgery)
Product Code Product name Standard Unit Qty JAN Code
532801000 most MASTER ーV 200mm×250mm 10sheets Packs 10Packs 4987714803348

-Thin type that does not easily adhere to wound site; combining thin type & secondary dressing –

Features of moist MASTER TOP

  • moist MASTER TOP does not have absorbent structure (simplified structure), but instead uses secondary dressing material to respond to cases of less exudates and excessive exudates.
  • Substantial cost reduction was achieved.

Usage example

Examples of secondary dressing material
  • For less exudates: adhere directly to clothing
  • For excessive exudates: gauze-covered absorbent cotton, disposable diaper, etc.
(General medical device: Medical non-woven fabric)
Product Code Product name Standard Unit Qty JAN Code
532804000 moist MASTER TOP 200mm×250mm 20sheets Packs 10Packs 4987714803379